Fetishes Part 5- Agalmatophilia: Dolls and Mannequins Fetish

June 28, 2011


Fetish. The psychological definition of a fetish is any object or non-genital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

Paraphilia is a biomedical term used to describe sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals that are not part of normative stimulation and that may cause distress or serious problems for the paraphiliac or persons associated with him or her. A paraphilia involves sexual arousal and gratification towards sexual behavior that is atypical and extreme. –Wikipedia

This is part 5 in my weird fetish series. Click here for part 4, here for part 3, here for part 2 and here for part 1. Today it’s about Agalmatophilia.

Agalmatophilia is the sexual attraction to statues, dolls, mannequins and other inanimate objects resembling people. It’s a sexual arousal one gets from these objects. Agalmatophilia includes the actual sex act with a statue, doll, mannequin etc., non sexual encounters pretending they are real and converse with the objects, the fantasy of sexual and non-sexual relations, watching encounters between other people and the objects and between the objects themselves (like having Barbie fuck Ken), and some have the fantasy of the sexual pleasure form the idea of being transformed into the object itself. Agalmatophilia may also include Pygmalion’s (from the myth of Pygmalion), which is a love for one’s actual creation of a such objects mentioned above.

This one word covers a wide territory in this unusual yet semi-popular paraphilia. I think back to when I was an extremely horny teen and I bought a blow up doll named Candy. I wrote a story similar to my experience in my novel, Yellow Socks: Confessions of a Non-Don Juan. I tried it out a few times and got bored so I guess I’m not an Agalmatophiliac. I did want to try out a Real Doll. You know the special $6.000 life size and life like women they make per order and how you want her. I don’t think I’d spend the money even if I had it. Maybe.

When I was a kid my biological family was worried that I might be gay (they were quite prejudice)  because I owned “dolls” as they called them. I called them action figures. I bought the Charlie’s Angels action figures and played with them. I was too young to think about actually having sex with them but I did undress them quite a bit. For a while I thought women were crotchless based on my “doll” experience.

I also have owned mannequins and dressed them up in pantyhose and sexy dresses. I had a few fantasies but it wasn’t overwhelming enough to do anything to the “object”. She was cute with no head. I made her one. Or two.

Ok maybe I am part Agalmatophiliac.. How about you?

Next up . . . . . Fetish number 6 . . .Whatever I find as interesting, repulsive or relatable.

I Hate Sports

December 19, 2010

God do I hate sports. It used to be apathy but no matter how hard I try to escape it it’s shoved in my face. In my early childhood I lived with my maternal grandparents and Grandpop used ot watch football and baseball and scream and yell and all that shit and it just annoyed me. I wanted ot watch horror movies and cartoons. I went into my little world and started drawing. I had no interest in sports.


As I grew up I gravitated towards people that had no interest in sports. AS much as I could. I tried my hand at 6th grade track and found it even more boring than other sports even though I was good at it. In High School everyone bugged me about joining the football team and basketball team because I was tall. As far back as I can remember I tried to get out of almost every gym class I could. I had allergies, asthma, and I found many new injuries to fake or I’d “accidentally” forget my gym uniform. I pretty much hated school until college ut I hated sports more. In 8th grade I didn’t mind the Phillies winning the World Series because I got to go home from school early before gym class. That’s my only good memory of sports.


I tried playing street hockey when I was in middle school and it was ok for a few minutes then I lost interest. I would rather hve been drawing or playing guitar. I never liked it.


Growing up in South Jersey makes it tough to avoid sports like growing up in any suburb or city in America I can’t avoid the Christmas season. I’ve tried.


I live near Philadelphia. The Philadelphia Eagles fans are the second most fanatical. New York is the first. I never understood why people wanted to watch people run around with balls tackling each other in some homo-erotic fashion guised as “macho”. The tea players pat each other on the ass and come in close physical contact with other men. These same men are the first to bash homosexuality. That’s all besides the point. I just have no interest in sports. I’d be fine with it if it wasn’t constantly shoved down my throat.


It’s the one thing most men have in common besides liking women. As you know I’d much rather talk about women.


Somehow I evaded the issue and didn’t have to deal with it most of my life. I avoided the conversations and didn’t watch the news. Early in life I was too fucked up on drugs and alcohol to care but as I got older it became more and more part of my life whether I wanted it or not. I’m not putting down the sports industry because I love movies and other forms of entertainment but it’s the fanaticism that surrounds sports that bothers me.


I’m not into politics or religion either but people aren’t’ always talking about it. I know very few people that scream and clap at the TV when there is a political debate  I do have one friend that does) or a religious sermon. I know quite a few people that get emotionally and physically depressed when the Eagles lose. It affects their entire outlook on life. You can feel the high energy in the area when the Phillies or the Eagles win and the depression in the air when they lose.


I’ve wasted a lot of time in my life and I still do but to invest emotional and physical energy into a form of entertainment that I am not physically involved in seems like a bigger waste of time  for me.


Again, I’m not putting down the sports industry even though I have a few opinions that aren’t worth mentioning. I just don’t understand the fanaticism that is involved amongst the people I know and live around. I have no common bond with anyone concerning this. I’d rather talk about the weather. How about that cold?

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