The Best of The Serial Killer Coloring Book

At last after seven years of waiting The Serial Killer Coloring Books are available again in one collected volume. From the crude drawings and bios in the first issue to the more polished work in later issues. It includes letters from killers, activities like crossword puzzles and find a word, interviews with famous authors and the killers themselves, artwork from the killers and much more. Only available online through LuLu Books.

Harold Schecter ( True Crime novelest, Professor at Queens University and University of New York  and True Crime expert says ” Indeed, some of thi material is deliberately created out of a distinctly juvenile impulse ot offend middle class sensiblities- épater les bourgeois, as they say in France. (The cover of Rich Hillen’s Serial Killer Coloring Book #4 bears the message “For Immature Colorors Over 18″) Very little of it, however, depicts graphic scenes of hard-core violence.”

Richard Ramirez, Convicted serial killer known as “The Night Stalker” says “Your books are comical and your drawings are good and funny.”

Some Samples of thebook-

2 Responses to The Best of The Serial Killer Coloring Book

  1. Jess says:

    Oh my god, I think is this absolutely amazing!

  2. Leigh says:

    this is the most amazing thing i ever seen. i love it!

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