A POEM: Rose Colored Goggles (for Joe B)


Rose Colored Goggles (for Joe B)


Speaks slowly as if expectations are for you to savor every word

When he’s not too busy exercising his inherent talent for listening

To the ranting, venting and complaining of others.


The secret mystic patiently awaits his turn to react and advise Wisely his positive spin on whatever it is

I am self absorbedly going on on on and on and on about persistently like an ADD child demanding attention


Intuition and listening are his gifts yet unrecognized because of his

ASSociations with the mentally challenged or selfish, self absorbed people in his life.

He has answers but has learned through the years to wait to share them

We are not always ready for the answers


As you get to know and love him you realize he is human too

Moody, judgmental and self righteous like the rest of the world

Showing this side to only the closest of allies

We and or I accept this for all he has endoured with our friendship

Through years upon years


Relationship dynamics change as with all intelligent free thinkers and sometimes we grow apart and then grow back together stronger

A selfless man in actions sets the example I strive for.

Well grounded yet spiritual, mystical, creative and verbally expressive.


I call this man

I repeat man

As my best friend

And a major contributor to society and God’s world.

2 Responses to A POEM: Rose Colored Goggles (for Joe B)

  1. asdjoid1 says:

    Ah, this is my third time reading the story. Really amazing.

  2. Brad says:

    Dear Richhillenjr,
    Along the same lines,, I imagine it’s these types of an ironic poem. The poet of course took flowers, such as roses, and violets, and particularly named their colours inspite of what their title suggests. Due to the fact it is a have a passion for poem I assume the old fashioned “sugar is sweet and so are you.” suggests that the particular person remaining composed about seems difficult but is honestly just a sweetheart.

    Violets- needs to be purple,
    Roses- preferably should be pink.

    Who below agrees with me?

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