Santa Claus is Coming for Holly

December 25, 2011

A long time ago, almost a decade now, I dated a girl named Holly for a month before we broke up so suddenly I broke down. Intense brake down.

When we met it was magic. I didn’t believe in magic or mystical ideals at the time but I believed in love. It was magic. It was love. At least from my point of view. It took me a few weeks of courting her to finally set up our first date. Despite the seedy location of our date, an old ugly coffee shop, I felt unusually confident and the night went perfect, perfect conversation, perfect glances, perfect moves, ending in my car with hours of kissing, just kissing.

Within a week or so we were using words like love, forever, future, shacking up and togetherness. Romantic everlasting love surrounding our extreme sexual experimentation leading to wants and needs fulfilled at the same time. Best month of my life.

One fight is all it takes. She doesn’t like my lifestyle. I have no future. She is a nasty bitch. She has no appreciation of me as an artist. The argumental list goes on. We broke up. I was dumped. She was dumped. I was torn up. After a week or so we decided to try a friendship, keeping in touch every few days for a couple weeks then once a week and so on.

A week or so before Christmas we decided to see each other on Christmas because neither one of us had plans (she had plans that she didn’t want to go to and makes her unhappy) and we were feeling nostalgic and lonely (we didn’t admit the last part). It was made clear that it wasn’t a date and no gifts. I was already breaking rules.

For some reason I had been picking up things for a few weeks for her. I remembered the cream-colored wool scarf she wanted from a store in the mall, I usually wouldn’t go near, and bought it. I bought her the firs season of one of her favorite TV shows, Nip Tuck. Holly admitted that she had a secret love for holly but hated that people gave it to her because of her name. I had some holly wrapped up pretty with a note that said “My secret holiday love.” As a gag gift I had a Christmas stocking embroidered with the words “World’s Best X”.

Christmas rolled around and I slept late after working hard at the coffee shop in the mall all week. Going in at 6 am and leaving 11 pm some nights. I watched movies all night and wrote all afternoon on Christmas. I ate a turkey and cheese sandwich for dinner. Holly finally arrived around 7 pm Christmas night. I reminded myself that it was no date. We were just friends. I didn’t expect anything but her company.

We hugged an obligatory peck on the cheek followed. Holly carried 2 bags besides her purse. She had a bag with a Christmas cat on it and pink wrapping tissue flowing from the top. I pretended not to notice and secretly hoped it was a gift for me. The other bag she handed me and said it was leftovers from her family in case I haven’t eaten anything decent. I put it in fridge in the kitchen and she was making herself comfortable on the couch. When I came back. I watched her light up a cigarette. I always liked the seductive way she lit one unaware of its charm in this increasingly anti-smoking world. I sat across from her in a chair and lit one non-seductively without charm.

“How was your family thing?” I asked.

“Uhh. I got stressed just from your question. Total chaos and drunkedness. Makes me wish I had no family.”

“I have several families and I was alone. Figure that one out.”

“We’re just 2 lost lonely souls today, Rich.”

“That’s the truth.”

“Hey, I got something for you. I know we agreed not to but I had to.” Holly said pulling out the Christmas bag with pink tissue.

“Good. I got you something too. I’ll be right back.” I said as I went to my bedroom to get my bag.

I came out with my bag, no tissue. We handed our bags to the other. I caught a slight gleam in her glancing blue eyes. I smiled.

“You first.” She said.

I reached in the bag and pulled out a stack of 3 dvds tied together with a red ribbon. I pulled the ribbon off to find the incredible score: Taxi Driver, Seven Samurai and A Band Apart. I was impressed that she knew my taste and what I had in my collection.

“Ok, Your turn.” I said.

Holly reached in and grabbed the wrapped holly first. She read the note and laughed. I was one of the few people that gave it to her that knew she hated getting it even though she secretly liked it. Kind of like a lot women concerning sex that I know.

“I have one more thing in the bag.” She said.

I reached in and felt a paperback book. I pulled it out and it was a copy of Salvador Dali’s autobiography, The Secret Life of Salvador Dali. Another score for my book collection.

“Your turn.” I said.

She pulled out the dvd first season of Nip Tuck next. She unwrapped it quickly and smiled and hugged me tight, thanking me.

“There’s more.” I said.

She pulled out the Christmas stocking next. She opened it, held it up and read it. Instead of laughing like I expected she smiled and her eyes filled up. She hugged me like she was never going to let go.

“This is the best gift I ever got for Christmas and ever.” She said while hugging me.

“Really?” I said.

“It is so cool and and. I’m speechless.”

“There’s one more gift.” I said.

“Not sure I can handle anymore.”

She pulled out the wrapped box and saw the scarf and broke down again.

“I can’t believe you remembered this.”

She pulled me on the couch with her and kissed me, lovingly, passionately, and romantically. I was as happy as her.  She let our lip grip go so she could rest her head between my chest and armpit. I wrapped my arm lovingly. Her hand slipped up my shirt to graze my chest hair like she did before.

“Hey. Want to see me in my Santa Suit?” I asked.

I bought it for a party I where I was supposed to play Santa for kids and the party was cancelled. I was stuck with a brand new Santa Suit and no one to share it with. Holly was elated like a little girl and wanted to see Santa. I told her to wait while I changed. I put the full red suit over my body including the hat, beard and boot covers.

“Ho. Ho. Ho.” I said walking into the living room sitting next to Holly.

I motioned for her to sit on my lap and she touched me.

“Hi Santa.” Holly said.

“What would you like for Christmas, young lady?”

“I want Santa to fuck me.” She whispered in my ear.

“Ho. Ho. Ok.”

I lifted her off of Santa’s chair (My couch) and carried her into my bedroom, tossing her lovingly onto my bed. I leaped next to her and we rolled around kissing through the long white beard. One thing lead to another and Her clothes were off and I started to take the suit off and she stopped me. I did manage to pull the beard down for quality mouth access. We were one again. I felt alive.

“Merry Christmas.” I whispered in her ear seductively.

“Merry Christmas.” She moaned back.

It seemed it was over as fast as it started. I felt loved and satisfied if only for that moment. We stayed up too late talking, cuddling and smoking. She fell asleep in my arms. A Merry Christmas it was. We were back together again and all was well with the world.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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