Female Model Stalks her Fan

August 6, 2010

Have you ever been stalked? Me neither. Well that’s not true. I was stalked by an older girlfriend when I broke up with her. Bloody notes on my door and threats of suicide. Fun stuff. That’s a whole other story for another time. This one’s completely different.

I always wished that a hot woman would “stalk” me. Maybe not stalk but chase after me for a change. I live in the real world most of the time so I know the impossibility of this happening. It can happen.

Here’s a story I found online about a reverse stalking of sorts. He gave me permission to use it but didn’t want me to use his name.

“Last year I was googling some pictures of girls on the internet. That’s when I found her. Mindy Vega. She was a well-built, brown eyed, black haired, Latina young beauty that a guy like me wouldn’t have a chance for. I started writing to her email on her web site expecting no response or a form letter or something.

A week or 2 later I received an email from another girl claiming to be her friend. She said that she goes through her email for her and shows her the ones worth reading. She told me I was very poetic and what I wrote was beautiful and that Mindy liked it too. She told me that she will be writing me back herself and gave me Mindy’s real email and her real name.

I was excited that someone that I obsessed over and was kind of famous wanted to email me. Then I looked at it realistically and forgot about it. Of course, that’s when she emailed me. She told me that she really appreciated the nice things that I had to say and that most of the emails that she receives are guys saying “What’s up, baby?” or “Want to fuck sometime?”. She liked the poetic nature of my email. We wrote each other for a few weeks getting to know each other. I asked why she never asked me for a phot of me. She said she liked the mystery. She did know that I was a little over 10 years older than her. She was 24 and I was going on 35.

She made it clear that she isn’t a “bad” girl like you might think a model like her would be. She is in a nursing program in New York City and she used the money for that. We had a few things in common like a passion for partying, cars and clothing. We both even shopped at the same stores. It was good enough for me because she is hot.

We exchanged phone numbers and started talking a few times a week and emailing at least once a day. It was getting more intense but we lived far away from each other. She lives in New York City  and I live in Boston, MA. At this point I had to see her face to face. When I suggested meeting up with her she was way more enthusiastic than I expected her to be. She offered to drive up to see me. I insisted that I could drive down to meet her. She won the argument and came to visit me.

When she pulled up to my driveway I was nervous as hell and ran outside to meet her at the curb. She got out and looked excited. She ran over to me and hugged me. She told me that I was way better looking than she expected. She said I was handsome. I never get tired of hearing girls tell me that. We held hands as we walked across the grass and went into my house.

We immediately engaged in kissing, foreplay and full blown sex. She stayed for the entire weekend and we didn’t leave the house. We ordered take out and watched movies and talked a lot. I was sad to see her leave Sunday night. She told me that she’d be back the next weekend for more of me.

This went on for a few weeks then she stared extending her stays and the next thing you know she was here most of the week. She would go home once every 2 weeks. She stopped going home within a few months. She was needy and clingy. She did anything I wanted. She worshipped me. It was great for a long time. Then she was getting to be too much for me. She was smothering me. She barely let me leave my own house to go to work. She offered to pay my rent so I could quit my job and we’d never have to leave each other. The sex was great and she is beautiful but enough was enough. I ended it. I tried.

It took weeks to convince her to leave. I started a lot of fights hoping that she’s get angry at me and leave. I forced myself to say no to sex so she’d get fed up. She kept hanging on telling me that we can work it out. She said that she can be anything I want her to be. It was crazy. I finally packed her bags for her and told her to leave and that I never wanted to see her again. She left in tears. I felt so guilty but I needed her out of my life. She left for a week. She called me and emailed me every day. I didn’t return her calls or emails. I stopped listening to her messages and reading her emails. I had to change my phone number and email address.

She showed up at my house and I ad to tell her to leave again. She wouldn’t go. I tried to get a restraining order but the court wouldn’t honor me one because she hasn’t threatened me or done any physical harm. What about the mental anguish? It took another few months of pushing her away to finally leave. I couldn’t believe that my dream girl turned into a stalker. I couldn’t believe that I would be running away from a hot young model. I couldn’t believe that I was giving up great sex. She stopped contacting me at last the end of last year. Whew. It took another 6 months for me to recover without constantly looking over my shoulder. It stopped and I finally moved on with my life.

The other day I logged onto my facebook account and there was a friend request from her. She used her real name on her account. I hit ignore and so far so good. I haven’t heard anything else yet. Now the paranoia and flashbacks of the awful relationship are haunting me once again.

A word to the wise- Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it. “

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