Japanese Teacher Vows to have Sex with Chinese Students

September 7, 2010

I’ve always been attracted to Asian women. Not exclusively, of course, since I’ve been in love with and dated many other races as well. Japanese woman, Anri Suzuki makes me wish I were a Chinese student. I’ll explain.

Suziki is a 24-year-old History teacher and porn star that has set a new goal with questionable intentions. She has decided that she is going to have sex with Chinese students to make up for Japan’s invasion of China in 1937.

Suziki has a doctorate in Sino-Japanese history and through her studies she felt shame of her country, Japan’s horrifying invasion of China in 1937 that led to the Second Sino-Japanese War killing nearly 23 million people.

It seems she wants her repentance through her God given talents. No, she’s not paying back with her great knowledge of history but her ability to please sexually. She wants to have sex with as

“We have to respect history and cannot obliterate it. I want to cure the wounds of Chinese with my body, and I am practicing this by having sex with Chinese students in Japan. I think it would be a symbolic compensation for them.” she told The Korean Times.

Symbolic? Possibly. Memorable. Definitely. Who knows?

Anri Susuki’s facebook page

Are You Guilty of facebook Nonsense? I am.

August 19, 2010

Weird how what comes around goes around. Irony. One day I’m complaining about people “deleting” me on the almighty networking site facebook and the next day I want to delete people for expressing themselves. It’s not the expressing that bothers me as much as it is when I see people attack others through comments and status entries on there. Some even attack others by name. I have to remember that I’ve been deleted because people don’t like what I post. I have to remember that I’ve attacked people when I was angry on facebook as well. I didn’t use names but there was enough information for the people that knew the person figured it out.

I am going to stick to my guns for now. I made a resolution to not respond, attack or delete someone for their behavior unless it’s extreme harassment or threats or something drastic. Say what your going to say and I’ll deal with it. There is an option on facebook to hide people that you don’t want to read their statuses. I’ve used this before for silly stuff like being tired of hearing about what a person is eating every hour or their break up updates every few hours or even minutes. I still like these people and want to be friends with them and I can always unhide them at another time. It’s not as bad as Twitter.

Ok, I admit that I spend way too much time on facebook and I enjoy it. I go on to have fun and socialize especially when the real world bores me or I’m feeling anti-social in person. I try to be respectful, playful and fun. I understand that my interests and sense of humor may be offensive at times but that’s who I am and I have to work on not taking it so personal when someone doesn’t like it. One facebook friend got offended when I “tagged” her in a semi-sexual photo I posted. The term tag means I posted her name on a picture and then it appeared on my page and hers. She was very polite in her confrontation and she let it go and we are better friends for it.

Maybe one day I’ll get a real job and a real life and not be so concerned with such trivialities. These are just the thoughts of the moment and I’ll forget about it later while I am “poking” my friends on facebook while ding 10 other things on the computer. Ha.

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