July 7, 2011

Tattooed caring. Giving. Living.


Breathe life into me. Unconditional forgiveness and understanding  is her strength and weakness.


Long time. Long distance. Long time feelings touch me across the country.


Stare at me. Gaze at me. Take me.


Biological tests show that our feelings are fact not some made up fantasy. . .


Fantasy. For now dreams and careful promises.


Dreams are dreams for a reason. Dreams are forgotten or they blossom into a reality of tattooed green and hazel eyes connecting softly through the air.


Oh my muse. You amuse me with your laughter bb. Me too.


Oh my inspiration. My support.


My self absorbed needs crash with your caring and giving and I change. Change slowly.


I’d thank you if I wasn’t thinking about me doll.


Change slowly. Change from your influence.


I will thank you.


Thank you.


It must be something.


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