Gloryhole Church???

September 16, 2010

No Church and State. What about Church and sex? The Catholic Church has been found guilty of plenty of scandalous sexual accusations that have been confirmed and unconfirmed. These are small isolated cases but have ruined their reputation nonetheless.

What about a Church that not only endorses sex for pleasure, they create an environment for anonymous sex in the name of God?  The Glory Church Centre in Lordsburg, New Mexico is place of worship; prayer, meditation and you can have anonymous sex. No. There are no holes in the confessionals. That’s the Catholic Church. There are no confessionals. In the bathrooms of the church (there are 4 rest rooms through out the church) there are holes in the walls of the rest room stalls.

Pastor James, who founded the Church in 1996, declined to comment and wishes for no publicity. Church members insist that it is legal and everyone that participates is respectful to the recipients. One member said that “we do not pray or worship during the sex act but we meet up and pray when we are finished.”

Apparently, the Church is non denominational so all are welcome as long as they are respectful, clean and practice safe sex. God bless ‘em, I say.

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