Don’t – a Spoken Word Poem Video

June 16, 2010

Don’t(Stop)- A POEM & SPOKEN WORD Blog & Video

June 8, 2010

Give it up. Don’t stop. Give it up. Don’t stop. Carry on. Business as usual. Rotten tomatoes spoil my . . .my . . .My oh my what a wonderful day in the life of addiction fueled by everything I look at and touch. Evil. I touch evil and it touches me back so nicely so I kick back and relax and forget about the horrible world out there in here in my mind. I don’t mind it most times. Most times I embrace the evil and thrive on it. Most days when the helicopters fly and the dog shits on my lawn I smile and look the other way. I own my life and you can’t have it.

I have intense dreams where I am with her with you with them. Sexual menagerie. Love triangles and octagons and pyramids that go on forever in the desert of my life. The spit and the semen-covered floor I walk on, eat off of and sleep in rolls around and around and it never stops until I go back to my hiding spot.

I eat worms. I drive a car that doesn’t like to go anywhere. I have friends in high places. I have friends in low places. I have friends in no places. I have no friends and plenty of friends. I live in between reality and insanity. Wherever I am today is where I’m meant to be.

The cockpit is tight and claustrophobic. I whistle as best as I can and pray to a higher power that may or may not exist ofrlove me or hate me or want to fuck me. I fly in the spirit of those that never had it so good. I cry for those who have it better than me. I die for nothing and no one.

My maniacal, manic and cryptic scribblings are worthless to the real world but they are all I have so I go on pen in hand or finger on keyboard mouth to air and shout out everything I am until it’s gone for the moment, The next time I don’t know.

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