August 22, 2010

Carry me through another day of this.

This. This brain damaged daily living.

This Mustard seed growth on my thigh,

This Malibu Marionette that I keep hidden in my front pocket so no one knows what I’m worth.

Worthless and priceless. Six figures. No figures. It figures.

Carry my through another self absorbed lonely pounding.

Pounding my ears.

Pounding my head,

Pounding my body starting with the morning wood.

Ending with the mourning would.

I am a tree.

I am a flower.

I am your lover that never loved you and I know you feel the same way.

You left. I left.

The candy store stopped carrying my favorite spiritual flavors of goodness.

Sometimes the pain is real.

Sometimes the pain is imagined.

Sometimes the pain is like a Ninja Handjob giving me the deadliest release of mind and soul through the pain.

Carry me through the bumpy ride on your handlebars.

I bounce and feel the pain with every pothole and speed bump along my “happy” road of destiny.

Since you never left.

Since you never wanted me to begin with.

Since you sent me sailing onto and into bigger and smaller worlds of the unreal and made me confront the real I’ve longed for nothing less.

Nothing less than a sweet painless ride on your shoulders.

Platonic shavings fall endlessly down my back as you take me away and leave me there.


Over there.

Right here.

This brings me back to now. Another day of this.


This daily brain damaged living.

This luxury of life ignored by my self pity and selfish motives. Selfish motif’s.

You appear to me again but this time only in my thoughts.

I see you for what you are.

You are just like me.

A daily struggling person trying to find your way.

No one is going ot find it for us.

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