Serial Killers are Cool bla blah blaaa .. . Whatevs

May 25, 2012

“Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.” Michael Corleone Godfather III

The following response was posted about my poster (above) for an upcoming event I posted.

A fairly famous author and filmmaker about serial killers said “I would argue the poster is moronic. A lot of us, including myself as a true crime author, are here “in the business” of profiting from people’s fascination with serial killers, but few of us forget that in the final analysis there are victims and families whose lives are destroyed by the acts that serial killers perpetrate. Unless there is some forensic reason, I de-identify victim photos by blurring out their faces, an act akin to covering the victim. A poster like this exploits and glamourizes the suffering of victims and worse, trivializes it. Somebody should hang the moron who designed that poster in his/her own blood, along with the idiot model who agreed to pose with her titties soaked in fake blood in this poster. Everyone thinks serial killers are cool until they come over and anal rape you or your kids and cover them in their own blood.”


I wrote 3 responses already but decided to let you write the responses instead. I can’t post this on Facebook (see previous blog)

Here’s the original poster that I like better anyway.

Another Rant About Unreturned Messages

January 29, 2011

Common courtesy. General politeness. Manners. Proper protocol.


When someone you know calls you, text messages you, emails you, or messages you on a social network it is usually expected for you to return the call, text, email etc. It’s the courteous, polite, and maybe even the right thing to do. This of course is a high expectation and depends on the people involved and what’s said in the message (I’ll refer to all forms of communication where you are not in person as a message).


I have been personally insulted, hurt and paranoid over some unreturned messages over the past few years. Most of the time I react negatively for nothing. Sometimes I hold grudges or fear of them not liking me.


I’m mostly talking about people I know or people I am beginning a relationship with. Not a romantic relationship. I’m referring to new friendships, networking or business relationships. Most of the time I write it off with some people as “that’s just the way they are.” I try to accept it but lately it bugs me.


I’ve learned that there are certain types of messages that don’t require a return. Sometimes they can go back and forth for a while and the stop. If I send an email either requesting something or asking a question I expect an answer. Maybe not immediately. I don’t know the official protocol for how long to give a person to return a message but I mostly get aggravated if goes more than three days. If they don’t respond for weeks or months I just move them down the list of a priority friend.


If I send a friendly “just wanted to say hi” type of message that requires no return message. I leave it open ended. If I am promoting something and just want to get the information out there to a person I don’t expect a response. One people that I am really close to that I know I will talk to eventually in a day of 3 it doesn’t matter. I just sent a message to my friend yesterday asking him about helping me with something in a future project. I don’t care that he didn’t get back to me yet.


If I message someone I don’t know especially women I don’t expect an answer at all. They don’t know me so there is not obligation even though it would be polite. The women I am sure get flooded with many messages from men and probably get tired of it. They are especially forgiven.


I was shocked when I was sending mass messages to promote when I did get a message back and even more shocked when they thanked me.


There is such a fine line when it comes to my reactions to unreturned messages. I’m sure you can relate. It’s the ones that I anticipate the answer to a question that bugs me. There are a lot of them.


I was dating a girl for almost a month and she was the worst at returning messages. I understand that I have always set my life up so I have more free time than most. She was also at the end of Medical school and at the biggest turning point of her life. Still it was no excuse to blow off my messages when all she had to do was take 30 seconds to text me that she is busy and will get back to me another time. The insecure obsessive that I am it drove me nuts. If we didn’t have such great dates and connection I would have dropped her. Maybe I should have because it ended anyway when she moved to do a residency.


Then there are a few girls in my life that get back to me when we work on project. Then I asked them out (at different times) and I totally expected them to blow me off.  To my surprise they answered right away. They all rejected me but got back to me immediately. I gained total respect for them for that. Then they don’t return my messages when I it’s regular talk or conversations most of the time. We even make plans sometimes and never follow through.


Now there’s a glitch in my complaints about people not returning my messages. I do it too. I mean I don’t do it also. For the most part I have a 95 % return rate. I have a memory problem sometimes and forget to return phone calls and text messages. If I don’t return a message on the internet within a day it gets buried and I forget. I try to get back to everyone within a day.


The one thing I’m not sure about is the proper time limit in returning “pokes” on facebook. If you don’t know what they are then good for you. Personally I don’t care if someone doesn’t poke me back or when or whatever. I still do it for fun (I guess it’s fun).


I was raised to call people back. I was raised to follow through on things. Although I don’t always live up to it I try. There’s 2 phone calls I got tonight I actually have to return come to think about it.

STOPLESS: an Almost All Girl Nude Band

August 25, 2010

STOPLESS was a band consisting of several girls and myself that played secretly during my hiatus from


the music business from 2008 – late 2009. Because the girls made me sign a contract I wasn’t supposed to mention that I was in the band because they didn’t want my fans of the past that were into serial killers following us around. The only reason I joined to be honest was because they were all hot and they played naked. I figured even if I couldn’t get with any of the girls I could at least look at them nude a few times a week.

Janie - She hated me

I got to be the front “man” which of course disappointed our make audience but there were always a surprising amount of


females at the shows that liked my nudity. It was a fun gig. Although the girls didn’t like my serial killer songs they didn’t mind the fake blood and my cowboy hat.

There were 4 guitarists: Emily, Karen, Johanna  and Kim plus the one that quit, Janie, 1 bassist, Sue and 1 drummer, Bailey. It was big band and despite our interests in GG Allin, The Mentors and


Antiseen we wrote, played and performed power pop, the girls thought it was a good idea because we’d get more of an audience since we’re a band of naked members.

We wrote about 20 songs and performed the 10 best of them. Unfortunately, we never recorded anything before we broke up. We were doomed from the start anyway. Janie lasted 2 shows and said she couldn’t stand seeing me naked and quite. I wore boots and a cowboy hat. I wasn’t totally naked. The other girls thought I was the gimmick and would appeal to a straight girl and maybe a gay man audience. I’d like to look back and think that I did.

Our performances were usually limited because most venues don’t allow nudity where they serve alcohol so we played a lot of


dives, parties and Go-Go bars.

Emily was more or less the leader of the band. She’s the one that played the acoustic guitar giving us a


unique sound. It seemed like all of the girls had ego issues as well as body issues and there would always be arguments about the way we played songs, who is going to write what and the major issue was the nudity. Emily explained over and over that was out niche. That is what separated us from other bands. Hot naked girls and a dude to balance it out.

Luckily, they had no issues with me until the end. They seemed to adore me. I even had a brief


affair with Johanna. She was a real doll. I really wanted to get with Bailey the drummer but she was always with a different guy it seemed.


I started gaining weight from medication I was taking and the girls had an issue with it. They gave me a month to start losing weight or they were going to move on without me. I didn’t and they did. Moved on without me. It was down hill from there. I hear the fighting got worse without me in the band to negotiate for them. Then the real drama kicked in when Karen started dating Emily’ ex-boyfriend. The ended it almost a year ago.

Emily has been wanting to do a reunion show for the past few months but I’m not into it. I still keep in


touch with the girls but separately and don’t mention the other ones. I’m friends with them all on faceboook.  should be resentful at all of them but I’m not. My life moved on and so did theirs.

Time by Jo Hewitt

August 18, 2010

Time Pt 1

by Jo Hewitt on Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 8:27am

In the eaves amongst the dust and debris clutter of days gone by in a house long abandoned she sits spinning her web of lies and deceit, a silken thread drawing in any who venture near shadow her only companion. This creature once of beauty divine hair a curtain of gold multi faceted shades of the sun parts golden and bronze glitter and shine, eyes the color of a noon day sun body lithe and graceful that of a dancer a high-wire queen skin of palest white lips full and red not blood red no that would be overdone but the color of roses in the height of bloom lush and full capable of fulfilling any demand. This creature fallen from grace alone in this forgotten place, spinning her web in the hopes that one day the memory of what she once was will rise again in the minds of men both young and old. She sits both withered and alone her hair once shining and gold now a veil of grime and mold, skin once taut and supple once  soft and pure now the gray of a forgotten day wrinkled and  and worn, eyes the color of a noon day sun now watered and rimmed in red clouded as if already amongst the dead, lips once full and sure now drawn back blackened in a rictus grin. Time……….

Art by Rich Hillen Jr

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