About Rich

I am an American artist, musician, performer and writer. I’ve had a lonely existence and a fun filled adventurous one as well. Through the years I have accomplished many artistic feats and have had many struggles along the way.

You may know me as the “serial killer guy” that used to publish a comic book zine called The Serial Killer Coloring Book distributed internationally through the once great Tower Records (RIP). You may know me as the “serial killer guy” that writes songs about serial killers and performed with the bands: The World Famous Crawlspace Brothers, The Hellside Wranglers and solo on my acoustic guitar. You may know me as the artist that has shown his unusual surreal realism pen and ink drawings at various art galleries and coffee shops in Philadelphia. You may know me as a the writer and poet that has blogged on various blog sites and written articles for Magnaphone Magazine, Associated Content and The Philadelphia City Paper and publishes yearly group poetry books including great writers across the nation.  You may know me as the crazy guy you see or hear about at parties and events.  You may know me as your lover, your friend’s lover or your girlfriend’s lover. You may know me as your best friend or your worst enemy. Hopefully, you may not know me at all. I’m still trying to know me.

The purpose of this blog page or pages is to share my thoughts and feelings through writing, video, music and art. Maybe one day we can meet and have a cup of coffee.







2 Responses to About Rich

  1. Troy says:

    Hey Rich, I just discovered your blog. Very entertaining, my man. Keep up the good work.

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