Guardian Angel Protection

Oh guardian angel

With long black hair

Big brown eyes

Who only appears in my dreams

I beg of you to help me in real life.


Oh guardian angel of mine

I cannot decipher your

Messages in my dreams

I beg of you to explain

Even if it’s not part of

Your job description


Oh guardian angel

You save me in dreams

Where are you now?

I know you’re here with me

When I’m awake

So please guide me.


Should I stop praying directly to God

And pray to you or both?

Please tell me or show me the way.

I will follow. I promise.


Oh guardian angel

Don’t hide your wings

Don’t hide your halo

I know it’s there

I know you’re there.


I love you.

Please love me

And show me the way.


2 Responses to Guardian Angel Protection

  1. Marie says:

    Your poem make me think…
    To some questions I ask myself.
    I wish you to find your guardian angel,
    As I wait for mine, patiently, in my dreams.
    I wait for to know the”WHY”
    All this, since more six years?
    I wait for to know the “HOW”
    All this is happend, by what magic?
    I wait for to know the “WHERE”
    Of all this.. all this will guide me?

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