Chasing Angel’s Wings (for Marcus RIP)


Visions I could never comprehend spill from his head

Inconceivable trauma most could not endure.

A mystic. A Shaman. A muse. A showman. A pure genius.

Lost soul. Strong soul. Sensitive soul.

Mind so open it hurts.

Christ like at times.

Judas other times.

Power untamed and loose.

Touches the wings of angels we can only dream of.

Sees and hears things out of reach for us laymen.

Superstar. Rock Star.

Once in a while I caught a glimpse of the man deep inside.

He was me. I- Him.

He called me the Jolly Joker and learned to laugh with me through our adventures in life. Our adventures beyond.

I showed him that he is everyone, that he is he and he showed me I am no one, that I am me.

Self centered yet so generous and giving until it hurt him at times.

Screams for help and no one hears him. Not really.

Self-medication and sedation from the evil that followed him.

For a moment he feels normal. As normal as a visionary can feel.

He chases the Angel’s wings and the demons abandon his soul

7 Responses to Chasing Angel’s Wings (for Marcus RIP)

  1. Eva says:

    What a beautiful tribute to the memory of your friend, Rich…May he find the peace he searched for in life…he was lucky to have you as a friend…and you he. May he rest in peace…

  2. Gary J. Spatola says:

    Saddened yet relieved that Marcus no longer suffers. Thank you for this beautiful tribute for Marcus. Will their be a service?

    • Steve Shepherd says:

      Gary, a memorial service will be on Saturday at the Mt. Laurel Funeral Home, 512 Ark Road, Mt. Laurel, NJ. At noon will be a time for visitation with family. The service will begin at 1:00.

  3. Awsome Poem Rich, and so knowing Marcus, He’s definitely a Beautiful soul WE WILL ALL Miss Him Dearly

  4. Steve Shepherd says:

    Rich – Beautiful. Thank you for capturing the true persona of my big brother; the gentle spirit and the demons that haunted him. Thank you for being his friend.

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