No Humanitarian Awards for me But . . .

“One of the marks of superior people is that they are action-oriented. One of the marks of average people is that they are talk-oriented.” — Brian Tracy

This has to be the worst quote I have ever seen. Self-righteous Egotistical. Presumptuous.

I don’t know who Brian Tracy is. Maybe I’ll look it up later. It doesn’t matter. The point is I wonder what kinds of people see superiority as an attribute. I looked it up he’s a self help guru and apparently a bad one.

It’s one thing to want to succeed. To better yourself. Why the need to feel superior? It’s like saying you want to be better than another person. Superior. If you’re not superior then you’re inferior.

I wonder if Brian Tracy is a Nazi or White Supremest or a clansman. I my opinion anyone that would support any claim to themselves or others as being superior has the same mentality as Hitler. Superior race.

I understand the part of the quote about taking action rather than just talking about it. “Walk the walk don’t talk the talk” and all that jazz. Etc.

What’s really funny is that the people that use quotes like this are inferior or average as the quote says. They seem to quote other people all of the time be cause they are “average” and “talk oriented”. I’m not saying that because I feel superior. I am superior. Ha. Just kidding folks. Sure at times I have felt a little superior to some people but I never voiced it. It went away. Most of my life I had to fight feeling inferior only to realize that we are all different and our own demons to face. Sure, I hate people sometimes and prefer some over others but I’m not superior. I’m different.

Maybe I’m a humanitarian or the 12-step programs and the self help gurus I read have influenced my outlook on people but I don’t like the idea of superiority. I don’t like self-righteous people that make statements like that quote or support that quote. Through my experience the real “winners” as some people call them are the ones that face their problems and live their daily life and struggles and get through them and keep facing them and survive. They take action and live through it. These are the people I look up to.

I think I’m aggravated because I hate self righteous judgmental pricks and this quote I saw reminded me of every person I know that has judged me and thinks that they are better than me and almost everyone they know that isn’t following the same rules as they are.

“One of the marks of a good successful person is helping others as you help yourself. One of the marks of a failure is acting, thinking like a self-righteous judgmental asshole that talks too much and does nothing.” Rich Hillen Jr

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