3 Strangers

I just had a random conversation with random strangers. I was at a local convenience store called WaWa and was on my way out and over heard a young college age white blond girl talking to a well dressed middle aged black woman positioned at each car next to mine. The older woman was telling the younger one to go to Chic Filet to try the new banana pudding milkshake. I had just heard about this because my mom gave me a coupon for a free one. I butted in and the next thing you know we were all talking about vegetarianism. We all had a momentary common bond. Each one of us were vegetarians for 2 years and went off the wagon. We al had different meats of choice that pulled us back but we agreed that it was weird that 3 complete strangers, different ages and cultures had that one common bond. We said goodbye and went our separate ways and chances are that we probably will never see each other again and probably wouldn’t recognize each other anyway.

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