Used Panties Vending Machines in Japan

The most interesting stories come from Japan. True stories. Where else in the world can you buy used worn panties from a street or in store vending machine? That’s right. There are panties vending machines in Japan. The are sold for the equivalent of US $50 a pair and up. Price varies with  how long a pair has been worn.


The machine is set up like a standard vending machine. Each spot has a box with a picture of the supposed girl that wore them. The most popular are the schoolgirl panties. Some machines even sell the entire school girl uniform.


The panties vending machine was introduced in 1993 in Chiba City.A standard practice of some porn shops was to have a schoolgirl stop by and change into a chosen pair by the owner. The girl changes into them and wears them all day at school. After school the girl would return them and change back into her old pair and get paid. Sometimes the girls would sell the panties they wore at home as well as he pairs they were supplied. Of course these were big sellers.


Japan has a reputation of selling what we in the US would consider unusual items in vending machines such as cameras, new pairs of pantyhose, porno magazines, condoms, and horoscopes.  It almost makes sense that someone would come up with perverted machine that vends used underwear.


Once the word spread that these machines existed there was an immediate out cry. Although there were laws regulating the sale of new items in vending machines, there were no laws regarding used items. The market flourished for a while. By the end of the year authorities found a law concerning the sale of antique items. The antique dealing law requires special registration to sell antique and “used items”. The infamous panties vending machine was quickly taken off the streets and most porno shops.


Many have considered these machines as a myth but there are too many documented purchases to prove their existence. There also rumors that they still exist illegally all over Japan. They just aren’t public.


The next time I buy a soda or a candy bar from a vending machine I will be thinking of used panties.

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