Moral Dilemna

I just ate a Veggie Burger with Bacon on it. Is that wrong?


3 Responses to Moral Dilemna

  1. xmemore says:

    That is so stinkng funny! hahahahha


    Hope you don’t mind me commenting on some many of your posts but this is just hilarious!

    I think it’s wrong only if you are a true vegan. haha

  2. xmemore says:

    Oh I do too. I really don’t like much meat at all. No seafood either. I will eat on occasion crab cakes at a fine restaurant and have tried crab claws, but that is as far as it goes. Etouffee one time when I was really drunk hanging with a great guy.

    No steak.

    Bacon, yes occasionally. Tiny thin pieces of beef jerky (peppered) or very spicy.

    I love cheese or I could be a complete vegan. wierd I know…

    Bottom line. GREAT POST! HAAAH I love it!

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