Anxiety Came Softly Through My- a WIndow Today

It seems like some days I just have to write off as a shitty day before it even begins. Days like today. In the middle of a decent dream. Nothing too crazy. Nothing too outrageous. I was in a deep sleep to be woken up with orders barked at me. I had to do this. I have to do that. I’m not one of those people that jumps out of bed ready to face the day. That’s why I always try to get up at least an hour earlier that I am supposed to leave or do anything so I get my “quiet time”. I usually take my morning medications then jump into my morning meditations and prayers while wait for my coffee to be made.

I realize that the coffee part of my morning is probably psychological but the meditation and prayers have become a necessity of my day. It centers me. It grounds me to handle whatever the day has in store for me. When I was younger and didn’t pray I slept to the last minute and either grabbed a cup of coffee on my way out the door or bought some on my way to work or school. Since I’ve been starting my days with prayer, I need my quiet time.

It’s funny that I just wrote a blog called “It’s Not About Me”. In the morning it has to be about me in order to begin a contact with my God so I can handle a day of what is to be thrown at me. So I can live my day being “not about me”.

Today it was anxiety from the minute I awoke. It keeps growing and I’m a nervous wreck in the middle of a very long panic attack that seems to keep growing despite my efforts to calm myself. I’m drinking less coffee so far. I’m going to eat. I’ll call someone. I am writing about it. These things seem to help along with my medication. Ugh.

Anxiety is something I developed as I got older. Things used to role off of my back when I was younger but not now. Since I lost my job a month ago the panic attacks lessoned. While I was working I would average at lest three attacks a week mostly while I was at work. I only worked four days a week. Go figure. In the last month I’ve only had about three or four for the month. It’s getting better. It seems that it will never go away. Especially when you are in it. It’s like when you catch a cold or the flu you feel like you are going to feel that way forever. It passes. This will too. I just have to do the things that help me feel better. Eat. Talk to someone. Take my medication. Even writing about it helps a little bit.

I have friends that get these attacks and in the past I never understood what they were going through. In my head I was thinking, “be a man.” Or “toughen up.” Now that I get them I understand and I turn to the people that understand. If I tell my friends that have never experiences it they just don’t get it and try to give me advice or tell me to toughen up etc. It doesn’t work that way. Most times I have a panic attack I have to ride it out and feel the anxiety.

At least I know in my heart that this too shall pass.

I hope.

3 Responses to Anxiety Came Softly Through My- a WIndow Today

  1. richhillenjr says:

    About an hour later I feel much better. I feel much better now. I feel much better now.

  2. xmemore says:

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that could analyze their situation quite like you.

    sorry, I’m reading these posts/emails backwards and commenting if it hits.

    speaking of dreams, I dreamed of you last night. You came to visit me ??? you were such a gentleman and I felt like I wasn’t being a good hostess becuase I had all these thoughts running in my head. You also had a little boy with you.

    I wonder if the little boy was a figment of my imagination as to the little boy you were in school when your mom and dad adopted you. The tribute to your father apparently had an impact on me.

    I”m a bit sad for that little boy back then that you must have been. Amazing how you identify with your infirmities, address them and medicate accordingly. Speaking of your natural mom from your tribute I’m sure you know it can be genetic.

    But I think what you do here is great and I get to “see” inside you, what make you tick, so deeply. Thanks.

  3. richhillenjr says:

    Thanks for the kind words and praise. This is one of my favorite songs that I wrote. Check out my YouTube videos if you get the chance. Just look up Rich Hillen Jr and most of them will come up.

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