Chop Off My Head – A Spoken Word Video

3 Responses to Chop Off My Head – A Spoken Word Video

  1. xmemore says:

    wow, you would not believe how wierd this is. this brings back so many memories. ok, I was not saved in other words did not have Jesus as my personal saviour until I was older; in my thrirtys but i knew right from wrong, heck I still do but i’m still a sinner. anyway, i had a lot of guilt about relationships with girls. I’m sure about the relationships with guys too. Actually I would be more promiscuous with girls than guys.
    With guys I wanted their respect and if I slept with them I did’t think they respected me so I wouldn’t have sex with them. With girls I ddn’t care, they were here to day gone tomorrow.

    I mostly dated guys my whole life but there were girls here and there too (this occured when I was about 23). I lived in this very old tiny house by myself and I kept it neat as a pin, sometimes I would stay up late at night scrubbing and cleaning my house getting ready for the weekend. I always wanted everything to just be perfect, somehow it added to my fun. All my friends loved my house too, it was darling.

    Anyway, this night I stayed up cleaning, dusting, scrubbing, etc. I finally got finished cleaning I swear it was like 4 in the morning. I was tired but happy. I ‘thought’ I had nothing on my mind when I went to sleep, but when I woke up I was horrified.

    At this time in my life I had horrible dreams/nightmares. Actually ever since I was a very young child I had terrible nightmares which carried into my young adult years.

    Oh, let me describe my bedroom; antique four poster bed sitting really high with typical curvy ornate headboard. Antique chest of drawers an a tiny vanity where I always sat to put on make up and curl my hair (ha ha).

    Well, anyway I woke up to the most horrible feeling of dread and realization that my mother, my family knew I was gay and that I was being punished for it. By none other than Charles Manson. Charles Manson was standing at the foot of my bed hovering about a foot off the floor with both arms out, slowly spinning at the foot of my bed, eyes wide and wild, head slightly tilted back, mouth open in that horrible knowing and he was saying, “OFF WITH HER HEAD”! “OFF WITH HER HEAD”

    I don’t know that I had ever been that afraid in my life, I was frozen with fear, Charle Manson was in my house! in my room! and he was going to chop my head off for my involvement with girls, my sin. My parents lived 200 miles away, I was living here alone.

    My house was so clean, so perfect, why did he come? why now? why me? I”m really a good girl. I’m not that bad. I bought a turkey for a needy family at thanksgiving when I didn’t have any money. i loved my old neighbors, i visited my grandprents, what did I do?

    Why was Charles Manson going to kill me like this in my clean house?

    Whew! What a freakin’ blast from the past.\

    Good grief, I’m sure I’ve got more where that came from too. ha ha.

  2. richhillenjr says:

    Wow. What a comment. I love it. Sorry you had nightmares but thanks for sharing them. You reminded me of a dream I had when I was 8 years old about hippies invading my house. I didn’t know what a hippie was. I think it was from catching some of the TV movie Helter Skelter about the Manson Family and I assumed they were all evil. I still think that hippies are evil but that’s another story. Ha.

  3. xmemore says:

    Wow, we will have to exchange “dream/nightmare” and “hippie” stories one day!

    I’ve got a great hippie story for you. Actually probably more than one.

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