I Got Fired From My Day Job

What an asshole. A fucking douche bag. One customer has a problem with service from a server while I am managing and I get fired. One piece of shit person affects my entire life because he didn’t get service fast enough. Poor fucking baby. It’s just fucking food jerk off. Wait your turn like everyone else. I try not to curse much but I feel entitled in this situation.

So I was “head server” at this counter top luncheonette style restaurant called The Bistro at Cherry Hill in the middle of the Cherry Hill mall in Cherry Hill New Jersey. I was in charge of making the schedules, handling fellow server problems etc. I was only in charge as the acting “manager” one night a week. One night.

Last week while I was managing I encountered an unhappy customer. First, let me tell you that you can ask anyone that has worked with me as manager that I was always extremely accommodating if a customer ever had a problem. I’d offer a replacement meal, a discount or even a free meal to satisfy them. I noticed this customer was in a hurry to pay for his drinks and leave. He paid his server and wanted to talk to a manager. That was me. He told me he was unhappy with how long he had to wait. He said he waited ten minutes or so for the server to take his order. I started to say something and he kept interrupting me. He wouldn’t let me get a word in edgewise. He left saying that I didn’t care anyway. I was in shock and confused about what just happened. There server was shaken up about it for the rest of the night.

Normally, I would have done something to make him happy like offer him a half price meal and to serve him myself or even a free meal. He didn’t give me a chance and stormed off. I forgot about it until yesterday.

My manager got a phone call from the owner. There is one main owner of our restaurant and his two brothers are in charge of some of them. The brother that was in charge of The Bistro was away so the main owner calls the manager and tells him that there was a complaint about the server and me. He said he wanted to fire the server and demote me. This stressed me out for the rest of the day.

At the end of my shift yesterday the manager told me that the other brother was going to come in and talk to me and also to the server involved. This stressed me out pretty bad and I came home and slept four hours. I woke up filled with anxiety and wired. I was afraid that I wouldn’t get enough sleep for the next day. I was supposed to work a double shift. I was going to serve in the morning and manage at night. I decided to get someone to cover my shift for the morning and deal with the brother at night since that’s when he was coming in.

I got up this morning in a decent mood and realized that I was getting upset over nothing. I figured the worst case scenario would be a temporary suspension of my manager position. I did some laundry and got ready for work making sure I was showered, shaved, and in clean neat clothes since I was to talk to the owner’s brother. I even left early for a change and said a prayer and felt good.

I barely made it to the counter and the owner’s brother asked me if I had a minute. Looking back that was pretty stupid question to ask someone that you are about to fire. He took me into the storeroom to talk and told me to wait there he wanted the chef there too. I guess as a witness in case I freaked out or anything. I didn’t.

He read me a letter that the “customer” sent to the mall office. He complained mostly about the wait and my lack of caring. The mall office forwarded it to the Bistro’s main office and then to the administration office. He said he talked to the man and the guy was more upset with the way I handled things then the server. He said “I looked at him like a deer in the headlights”. Whatever that means. He also told him that I didn’t seem to care. I told the boss what happened from my point of view expressing that the customer didn’t give me a chance to say or offer anything. I told him that I was rolling silverware and didn’t see the whole thing. He flipped over the fact that my attention wasn’t on the tables and customers. The servers were too busy at the time to roll silverware so I was helping them so they can serve faster. I didn’t get a chance to explain this to him of course. He went on to tell me that my focus should be on the tables at all times and if someone isn’t being helped I should have noticed and told someone to get out there or done it myself. I usually do this. Ask anyone I work with.

He finished off by saying that this letter could effect their negotiations with the mall for rent and for more space to add more tables. Because of this complaint about me and the possible affects on the Bistro he had to let me go. I asked if he meant right now and he said yes. He asked if I had any keys that needed to be returned. I turned them over. Go figure. I get fired because one dirt bag doesn’t have any patience. The server that he was unhappy with is one of the best the Bistro has and said the customer only waited a few minutes.

So much for employee loyalty. Even if the brother that usually runs the Bistro comes back from vacation and offers me my job back I can’t find it in my being to go back. Who would want to work for a company knowing I could be fired over something so stupid again. I really hated the job over all anyway so I guess it’s for the best. I just keep feeling anxious, angry and I’m still in a little denial about the entire experience.

If you’re ever unhappy with anything about a restaurant just don’t go back. If you complain you might cost someone their job or worse- their livelihood. Luckily, I don’t have a wife, kids and a mortgage to pay.

2 Responses to I Got Fired From My Day Job

  1. xmemore says:

    Well, that stinks. Good grief I’m sorry.

    Mostly, no really the things in my life that have happened sort of like this have happened for the best. I couldn’t see it at the time, but afterwards I could see full well why it happened as it did. God says, “no matter what, count it all joy”. So even when we can’t see the good or sense in the midst of suffering there is usually a silver lining.

    You have a good attitude about it, I mean your outlook on it. I’m glad you didn’t flip out. That would not have been good. So, you handled it perfectly.

    Good luck finding other employment. Hey maybe this means career change?

    Let us know. 😉

  2. richhillenjr says:

    Funny almost everyone has said the same ting. It happened for a reason. I know that in my heart. I finished writing my book and looking into publishing it now. Who knows what will become of that?

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